Car park shelters

Urbasolar_Ombriere-PKGIf you are a local authority, a business or a property manager, you are likely to have a car park for your visitors or customers.

Use this space and offer its users the following:

•    shade,
•    protection against rain,
•    lighting at night,
•    electric vehicle charging stations, etc.

By installing car park shelters, you can:

•    Transform that surface into a source of revenues,
•    Reduce your operating costs,
•    Use the underside of the shelters as a communication medium …


URBASOLAR has sound experience in building car park shelters for both large and smaller surface areas. We are offer a large range of construction and photovoltaic power plant solutions to turn your property into a power generation plant and a source of revenues.

We look after your entire project. With your assistance we deal with all administrative procedures (filing the building permit, relations with the grid manager, legal structure and insurance), study and design of the shade shelters, as well as their construction (foundations, roofing and photovoltaic cover). In some cases and according to sunlight exposure, URBASOLAR may be able help in financing.

Thanks to the installation of parking shelters, you will transform this surface area into a source of additional revenues and reduce your building operating costs by the same amount.

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