Farm buildings


For farmers, winegrowers, or small holdings keen to improve their facilities:

• Roof renovation
• Improvements to respect standards
• Storage
• Milking parlour
• Stalls
• Protection of equipment exposed to bad weather
• Improvement of livestock conditions, etc.

Then URBASOLAR has sound experience when it comes to building and renovating in a farming environment. We are there to work alongside in studying your project.

URBASOLAR offers extensive experience in building and renovating in agricultural sectors and can help you clarify your project.

Our photovoltaic solutions will increase your farm’s performance. We develop tailored solutions that also optimise electricity generation. We also advise you as to the best legal and tax solutions to include this subsidiary product in your accounts for maximum returns.

Opt for photovoltaic energy and boost your farm’s performances!

Nos réalisations


New building


Having studied your needs, your site and the specific features of your business, Urbasolar offers you the construction of a turnkey building to meet your expectations.

With your assistance, we deal with all the administrative procedures (building permit and documentary proof of the need for buildings to increase the farm’s performances), construction of the building (foundations, structure and photovoltaic roof) and a share of the financing (according to sunlight exposure).

Roof renovation

Does your building require renovation due to major damage, leaks, structural issues, defective insulation, etc?

URBASOLAR’s integrated photovoltaic power plants form part of the building’s weatherproofing whilst generating electricity that is entirely fed into the grid.

The sale of the electrical power generated will turn the operation (an investment charge on your balance sheet) into a source of revenues that will finance your roof renovation works.

URBASOLAR looks after the entire project, from roof-structure design through to electrical connection, including the actual renovation and structural works. Construction work will not disrupt the use of the building and, as a building company, URBASOLAR will issue all forms of insurance related to the covered structural works.