Ground-mounted power plants

The Group is currently developing 300 MW of ground-mounted projects in France and for export. Strategic partnerships with various innovative French SMEs, such as SEMCO / Irysolar, Exosun, Soitec and Héliotrop Company, to develop technical solutions suited to high power electricity generation allow us to offer solutions for all types of geographical zones.

Our objectives

Provide a solar kWh cost that is competitive with other energies and attains grid parity, in the target countries, according to the various local sources of electricity generation
Overcome the problem of intermittence in solar production, by developing smart management combining optimisation and consumption curve management (R&D programme with CEA/INES)
Offer a permanent showcase for French industry and validate the quality, performance and lifetime of equipment (partnerships with Sillia and Irysolar on the basis of a co-operation programme with CEA/INES)
Integrate solar production in the various types of networks

Our Proposal

If you are the owner of land that is unused, is free of particular ecology issues (former industrial sites, former quarries or polluted sites, etc.) and you wish to generate revenue from these spaces.

URBASOLAR  manages your entire project, including all stages from development to construction, through to operation and maintenance. URBASOLAR ensures the interface with all the players concerned at each key stage.

The phases in your project:

1- Pre-feasibility Analysis

• Identification of all the environmental, urban planning and electrical constraints, and specific risks (Industrial & Technological Risk Prevention Plans, etc.)
• Land identification and securement
• Prior local consultation

2- Feasibility Diagnostic

• Environmental studies (fauna, flora, avifauna and chiropteras)
• Landscaping studies
• Producing photomontages
• Sizing the power plant (location, layout and sun exposure study)
• Carbon evaluation
• Study of electrical connection
• Broadened consultation
• Summary of environmental impacts, industrial risks and other constraints

3- Administrative Process

• Drawing up the building permit application files and follow-up of the investigation
• Obtaining the various authorisations under the urban planning code and the environmental code
• Obtaining electrical authorisations (connection, operation and injection)

4- Financial Engineering

• Corporate legal and land audit of the project
• Search for Financing (investor partners and bank partners)
• Financial Montage (business plan and financing plan)
• Negotiation of conditions

5- Construction and Bringing into Service

• Preparation of the terrain, closure of the site, setting up security facilities
• Digging trenches
• Installing ground anchors
• Assembly of photovoltaic modules
• Wiring
• Installation of technical facilities and High Voltage networks
• Connection to the grid
• Bringing into Service

6 – Operation and Maintenance

• Control remote monitoring
• Site maintenance
• Preventive and curative maintenance

Nos réalisations


Fixed Systems

URBASOLAR has proven experience in ground-mounted power plants. The varied nature of our installations means we can now offer a full proposal suited to all types of site:

• Polluted zones
• Flood zones
• Airport zones
• Etc.

Whatever your land configuration, URBASOLAR will develop your project to make the most of your available space and turn it into a source of renewable energy production.

Systems with Trackers

A solar tracker is a mobile structure enabling photovoltaic panels to be oriented to face the sun throughout the day. The solar farm’s yield can then be boosted by 10 to 40% as compared with a fixed module mounting system.

URBASOLAR offers various solutions suited to your site’s configuration so that you can optimise your project’s performances. 




Concentrator photovoltaic systems

C-Sol-concentration-webConcentrator photovoltaic technology is truly innovative. It uses mirrors or Fresnel lenses to concentrate the sun’s rays onto high yield solar panels and thus boost the plant’s electricity production.

Urbasolar has put into service the largest concentrated solar power plant ever constructed in France!