• -75%

    PV Sytem price declines of around 75% in less than 10 years !

    Source : EPIA 2015

  • URBASOLAR is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified for its Photovoltaic Power Plant Development, Sale, Design, Construction, Operating and Maintenance activities

  • +37%

    That could well represent the increase in world demand for energy by 2040.

    Source : IEA 2014

  • 80 MW

    For 15 projects, on buildings, greenhouses, ground-mounted systems or car park shelters, won by URBASOLAR under the third Energy Regulatory calls for.

  • 19.3%

    In 2015, renewable energy represented 19.3% of electricity consumption in France.

    Source : SER

  • 1,7 M€

    Amount for the R&D contract signed by CEA-Ines and URBASOLAR to
    cover optimisation of photovoltaic installations..

  • 227 GW

    Installed power of the photovoltaic installations world-wide in 2015.

    Source : IEA 2015

  • 1h

    Roughly one hour of solar radiation received by the Earth represents the world’s annual energy consumption.

    Source : CNRS

  • 2013

    The year grid parity was attained in Italy. By 2020 this will be
    extended to many other European countries.
    Source : EPIA

  • URBASOLAR joined Fast500 and ranks among the 10 leading European
    businesses in the Green Tech sector.

With more than 450 generators under maintenance contract for power levels ranging from 100 kW to several megawatts, URBASOLAR has developed recognised know-how in running photovoltaic power plants.

At URBASOLAR, we have our own supervision software to monitor power plant performance (a tool developed by our teams of engineers in co-operation with CEA-INES) and are able to ensure quality services both in France and across Europe, as also in the French territories and departments overseas, indeed anywhere our company is present.

Our ambition is to ensure the sustainability of your generators and guarantee optimised electricity generation.

To do so we are committed to innovation and, in partnership with CEA-INES, we work on various programmes in pursuit of excellence.

Monitoring and Diagnostic of photovoltaic systems:

• Development of tools able to detect noteworthy deviations between generation forecasts and actual performance.
• Development of tools used to identify any defective element(s) in the system.

Enhancement of performance in models to estimate power plants economically feasible capability:

• Analysis of power plant measurement data,
• Study of losses in inverters: influence of temperature, operating point, PV plant architecture, etc.
• Impact of dust and dirt: speed of deposition, typology of dirt, flushing by rainwater, losses in production, etc.
• Study of losses due to shade: modelling, experimentation, evaluation of existing tools, most favourable electrical architectures, etc.


Our Operation/Maintenance Proposal is devised to cover all your expectations.



To do so, we dispose of in-house resources to ensure the following service provisions:

Remote Inspection Centre

• 7/7 support
• Real time monitoring of operational alarms
• Security hot-line
• Daily monitoring of production
• Weather forecast management

Operations Centre

• Performance checks and analysis
• Warnings in the event of under-performance or malfunction
• Management of access and authorisations
• Site intervention schedule
• Reporting on production and operation made available over the Extranet

On-site intervention teams

• Six-monthly or yearly preventive maintenance inspections
• Staff certified for work with medium voltage and at a height
• Manufacturer scheduled interventions
• Inspection of fire-fighting and safety equipment
• Diagnostics of failures and curative maintenance

Logistics Purchasing and Supplier Relations

• Management of manufacturer warranties
• Management of spare parts
• Implementation of expert assessments and outside interventions
• Monitoring liability and decennial insurance
• Management of possible disputes

For each maintenance contract, we provide our customers with a dedicated Extranet service (Customer Space) through which they are given comprehensive information on their generators (production, contract, inspection schedule, intervention reports, etc.), using a private and secure connection.


Opt for Urbasolar Maintenance and secure your photovoltaic investment!