Care free custom management.

Thanks to its teams of specialists, URBASOLAR offers you comprehensive management of your project company so as to release you from all official, legal, tax and other constraints. This prestation takes on board various types of services:

Contractual Management

• Managing leases, indexing and settlement of rents
• Interfaces with site owners
• Management of insurance contracts and claims management
• Monitoring purchase contracts
• Compensation for missed revenues

Invoicing your production         

• Reading meters
• Updating issues
• Invoicing
• Reminders

Legal Management

• Preparing annual activity reports.
• Organisation of the  General Meeting to approve the accounts (write-up of related documents, invitations and drawing up the report).
• Recording and publicity operations with the court registry of referral.
• Making documents available on the extranet.



Accounting Management.

→ Invoicing, keeping the books and accounting documents, managing assets, Customer/Supplier record-keeping.
→ Cash flow operations (following up repayment of loan).
→ Tax requirements.
→ Annual closing exercises (recording entries, preparing accounting statements, interface with CAC).
→ Quarterly Reporting.
→ Making documents available on the extranet.