Photovoltaic greenhouses

Vegetable growers, market gardeners, horticulturalists … glasshouse growing offers many advantages so you can:

• Create a more favourable climate for plant growth,
• Cultivate plants outside their zone of origin,
• Produce crops out of season,
Boost yields,
Protect crops from bad weather and frost,
• Proceed to farm without pesticides through plant protection measures,
• Offer better quality products,
• Ensure pleasanter working conditions …

In partnership with specialised firms, URBASOLAR has developed various photovoltaic greenhouse concepts to meet all your needs (type of greenhouse, dimensions, fittings, etc.).




We deal with all administrative procedures (surveyor, water legislation dossier, filing the building permit, soil study, study of the environmental impact (if no local town planning)),  construction of the PV greenhouse (as well as the technical facilities to run the PV solar plant). URBASOLAR issues all the necessary insurances policies (site + structure + electricity work package) throughout the duration of the lease, and ensures Operation and Maintenance of the greenhouse.

We are also able to rework existing projects, shelved following the moratorium, and take them through to completion in accordance with their original definition.

URBASOLAR offers a 30-year construction lease, thus remaining owner of the building, while you remain owner of the land and farm the greenhouse before becoming full owner (including the photovoltaic power plant) at the end of the lease.

Opt for a high performance and sustainable installation, improve and secure the future for your farming activity!