Public buildings

Urbasolar_SNCF_Gare-d'acheresIf you run one or more public buildings and need to:

• Repair weatherproofing on your roof
• Bring your buildings into compliance with new standards (RT 2012, ERP, etc.)
• Construct a new building

URBASOLAR has sound experience in building and renovating public buildings. The photovoltaic solutions we offer take into account the technical constraints of the buildings’ roofs whether relating to ERP regulations or intrinsic to the activity they accommodate (gymnasium, higher or lower secondary school, cantine, hoes and shelters, assembly rooms, etc.). We are thus able to offer you a number of choices of photovoltaic process so you can turn your roof into an electricity generation power plant and a source of revenues.

An initial diagnosis reviews various forms of implementation, including a photovoltaic roof, awning or pergola, guardrail, sunshade, car shelter, etc. The second stage involves the final design of works by the URBASOLAR Design Office, and then construction.

URBASOLAR is the general contractor for your photovoltaic generator, ensuring successful completion of your turnkey project for the prime contractor.


Opt for photovoltaic energy and boost your business premises’ performances!

Nos réalisations


New building


Do you have a construction or extension project?

Including photovoltaic power plants in the initial design of the building will allow you to accommodate a generator on your roof thus optimising related costs and implementation. According to your project’s configuration and location, URBASOLAR can offer to help finance construction works.

During the engineering stage our teams work with your prime contractor, recommending the appropriate materials (structure, insulation, roof, membrane, etc.) to accommodate the retained photovoltaic process. URBASOLAR then manages your project, from design, administrative authorisations, construction of the generator, right through to electrical connection.

When you opt for photovoltaic power, you:

• Generate a source of revenues on your building yhay can reduce your operating costs,
Anticipate the future RT 2020 regulation (positive energy buildings, where buildings are to generate more energy than they actually consume),
• Take part in the collective effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Roof renovation

Does your building require renovation due to damage, leaks, structural issues, defective insulation, compliance with new standards, etc.?

URBASOLAR’s integrated photovoltaic power plants form part of the building’s weatherproofing whilst generating electricity that is entirely fed into the grid.

The sale of the electrical power generated will turn the operation (an investment charge on your balance sheet) into a source of revenues that will finance your roof renovation works.

URBASOLAR looks after the entire project, from roof-structure design through to electrical connection, including the actual renovation and structural works. Construction work will not disrupt the use of the building and, as a building company, URBASOLAR will issue all forms of insurance related to the covered structural works.

Reduce the fixed operating costs of your building and do a good deed for the planet!