Our Quality Management System establishes the procedures and methods for the construction of our photovoltaic power plants.


URBASOLAR works under a Quality Management System (QMS) with the following objectives:

• Proposing technical solutions tailored to current and future markets, whether defined by national pricing frameworks for export or corresponding to specific energy related solutions

• Pursuing the development of our staff’s expertise and multiple skills in our various professions

• Enhancing our capacity for technical innovation

• Adapting our development and construction costs to respond to market changes

• Optimising our organisation around the management and monitoring of our projects

• Implementing targeted improvements and controlled management of non-quality occurrences


For Photovoltaic Power Plant Construction, Commissioning and Acceptance our QMS particularly targets the following:

• Processes defining the terms of engagement and documents for tenders prior to attribution of  site work

• Standard order records and work contracts

• Operating procedures defining the inspection points at various stages of works

→ prior to engagement

→ start-up

→ progress

→ end of site work

• Standard contents of Final Implementation File (DOE)

• Processes describing the stages and the formal procedure for acceptance of works within the scope of photovoltaic power plant construction.

• Operating procedures, standard documents to record tests, operations prior to acceptance and commissioning.