Ensuring the Performance, Safety and Protection of Fellow Workers and Agents.

The safety of employees and safety on sites is an absolute priority for URBASOLAR.

The company aims for zero accidents.

URBASOLAR has thus set up a system to evaluate and anticipate occupational risks. The system defines the company’s safety policy and includes the following:

Anticipating risks

• Regular training of employees on the risks relating to their professions

• Prevention of risks related to vehicle use

• Induction circuit adapted to each new employee

Risk control:

• Monitoring of all sites by a Safety and Health Protection Co-ordinator.

 • Implementation of  collective forms of protection on all sites


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Management of Professional Risks.

URBASOLAR has conducted an audit on professional risk analysis to determine the type of risks related to its activities. Three main categories emerged:

→ Risks related to electrical works
→ Risks of falling from heights
→ Traffic-related risks during travel for professional reasons

A prevention policy has been implemented accordingly. This includes:

→ Setting up of a safety action plan with corrective actions and appointment of controllers
→ Regular meetings of the Safety Commission
→ Monitoring of actions
→ Implementation of preventive measures