The massive development of photovoltaic energy through innovation…


For URBASOLAR, innovation is a key factor for the firm’s development and growth.

Since its creation in 2006, URBASOLAR has developed initiatives to expand the photovoltaic sector in France.

Developing its expertise in the photovoltaic technology and its integration in buildings, Urbasolar was the first French company to obtain Pass’Innovation vert certification from the French Scientific and Technical Centre for Building (CSTB) and the first business to develop and implement CC junction boxes with remote centralised cut-off.

With its own in-house R&D department, URBASOLAR has undertaken various actions with the following main objectives:

• continuous improvement in performance of implemented technologies,
pursuit of cost control to tackle the grid parity challenge,
• promoting a French industrial sector  for domestic and exports markets

URBASOLAR’s research and development projects led in partnership with private enterprise and the authorities target building-integrated power plants and solar farms.



R&D partnership between URBASOLAR and CEA-INES

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URBASOLAR has launched a major research project with CEA (Atomic Energy Commission) teams working on solar energy at INES. The goal is to develop smart technology in buildings equipped with photovoltaic roofs with the idea of introducing new services in the field of self-consumption.



The joint project began in October 2012 with the signing of a partnership contract relating to management intelligence and the optimisation of building-integrated photovoltaic installations.

The 2 year contract benefits from a budget of 1.7 million Euros, jointly financed by URBASOLAR and the CEA.