URBASOLAR is committed to an active societal approach,  with the implementation of specific actions for its employees and the involvement of managers  in a number of associations, professional bodies and regional organisations. 

As an elected representative, Stéphanie ANDRIEU is the acting President of the Environment and Sustainable Development Commission of the Montpellier Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Vice-President of the same Commission for the regional Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

• The Commission she chairs develops local activities in the environment sector (waste, sustainable construction, energy management, renewable energies, etc.) in liaison with the Regional Development Commission. The commission supports businesses from the Commerce, Industry and Services sections in their approach to environment and energy issues by developing operations financed by the local authorities.

Example: to help a hotel complex obtain an Eco Label

 • She is also in charge of relations with local MPs on all energy-related matters, her main mission being to further legislation in this field.




The Montpellier Chamber of Commerce & Industry has been ISO 9002 certified since 1998. It protects and develops the economic interests of the Montpellier constituency, that counted 32,000 enterprises on 30 June 2014 (businesses, industries and services).

Through its views, advice, help and guidelines, it ensures the following missions:

→ Providing representation, support and information for companies

→ Furthering training for students

→ Developing infrastructure and facilities for the general public