URBASOLAR is committed to developing jobs and professional training for young people and has forged multiple partnerships with top educational institutions with which it shares the values of openness, diversity, responsibility, global performance and solidarity with the younger generations.

The firm offers internships to a number of future graduates each year, all young talents keen to develop concrete projects combining theory and professional practice in relation to their studies.

With its strong economic base in Languedoc Roussillon, URBASOLAR helps students from region’s local educational establishments with:

• The Montpellier Business School Group, a French group and major Management School, and higher education and research institution

• The Sup de Co Group foundation, placed under the aegis of the Fondation de France with an active solidarity approach towards the younger generations: equal access to education (welcoming brilliant students from abroad, research on innovation, grants, etc.)

• The Universities of Montpellier I and II (hosting Masters degrees specialised in Marketing-Communication, project financing, management control, public and private law, etc.).

Moreover, for specialised engineering training on a national level, URBASOLAR enjoys privileged relations with:

• The Ecole d’Architecture de Marseille

• The Ecole des Mines d’Alès

• The Ecole Centrale de Marseille

• The Ecole Polytech d’Annecy Chambery

• Supinfo International Université (Master’s degree in computer/digital technology)


Throughout the training period, URBASOLAR ensures that the students will:

• Gain work experience and understand the requirements of a high performance company

• Build the link between course work theory and professional practice

• Build on and develop their future employability by entrusting them with major, cutting-edge missions involving concrete actions and building a true continuity between research and development