• 1,7 M€

    Amount for the R&D contract signed by CEA-Ines and URBASOLAR to
    cover optimisation of photovoltaic installations..

  • 1h

    Roughly one hour of solar radiation received by the Earth represents the world’s annual energy consumption.

    Source : CNRS

  • 227 GW

    Installed power of the photovoltaic installations world-wide in 2015.

    Source : IEA 2015

  • 80 MW

    For 15 projects, on buildings, greenhouses, ground-mounted systems or car park shelters, won by URBASOLAR under the third Energy Regulatory calls for.

  • +37%

    That could well represent the increase in world demand for energy by 2040.

    Source : IEA 2014

  • -75%

    PV Sytem price declines of around 75% in less than 10 years !

    Source : EPIA 2015

  • 19.3%

    In 2015, renewable energy represented 19.3% of electricity consumption in France.

    Source : SER

  • 2013

    The year grid parity was attained in Italy. By 2020 this will be
    extended to many other European countries.
    Source : EPIA

  • URBASOLAR is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified for its Photovoltaic Power Plant Development, Sale, Design, Construction, Operating and Maintenance activities

  • URBASOLAR joined Fast500 and ranks among the 10 leading European
    businesses in the Green Tech sector.

URBASOLAR invests in the photovoltaic power plants it develops and builds.

Urbasolar partenaires financiers

URBASOLAR develops projects from engineering and obtaining authorisations to financing. It then builds the power plants and ensures their operation and maintenance while retaining a stake in the capital of the investment companies, alongside building owners and investors.

URBASOLAR is a shareholder in 5 investment funds in partnership with institutions such as the BPCE Group, OMNES Capital, the Crédit Agricole, as also the LA POSTE Group.

Having developed a financial capacity of more than 300 million Euros, URBASOLAR and its partners are now direct owners of a power plant population generating more than 100 MW.