Urbasolar partenaires financiers

Primary banking institution of France and leader in European retail banking, the CREDIT AGRICOLE is a front row partner in the economies in which it operates.

The strength of its retail operations, with more than 11 500 agencies worldwide, along with its particular know-how in specialised sectors, effectively enables it to interact with the different businesses linked to banking and finance. As such, more than 160 000 collaborators accompany 54 million people working on projects in 70 countries.

CREDIT AGRICOLE means to carry its role as European leader to a global scale remaining true to its  commitments as a mutualist bank.   Services for the real economy and responsible growth will remain core to its development.

The specialised branch of CREDIT AGRICOLE SA, OMNES Capital, stakeholder of URBASOLAR, works closely with privately-owned companies, as an active stakeholder, to accompany entrepreneurs through each stage of their development and to ensure investors the best possible returns within their particular segment.

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