The LA POSTE Group

POSTE IMMO, a subsidiary of the La Poste Group, is the Group’s property and real estate operator. Created in 2004, it focuses on 3 main objectives:

• Modernising the real estate portfolio

• Optimising the occupation of space, costs and yields for La Poste Group’s real estate

• Enhancing the value of La Poste Group’s real estate portfolio

It acts as property manager and service provider for a portfolio of 13,000 buildings and 7.6 million square metres. The entreprise implements La Poste Group’s real estate policy and has developed an ambitious programme to foster responsible development.

To further this ambition, POSTE IMMO has signed a joint venture with Urbasolar and Omnes Capital for the development and financing of photovoltaic projects over its entire real estate portfolio. This approach allows the optimal deployment of photovoltaic power plants according to current technical, operational and economic constraints. The partnership gave rise to  the creation of Arkasolia, a company owned 50% by POSTE IMMO and dedicated to the design and development of photovoltaic projects, and PI ENERGY, the financing vehicle for projects.

To date, photovoltaic power plants have been installed on 30 sites (mail platform, sorting centres, etc.), representing more than 23,000 m² of photovoltaic surface.


The RAVATE Group

Through its subsidiary RAVATE PROFESSIONNEL (leader in the distribution of construction materials in the Indian Ocean), the RAVATE Group has teamed up with URBASOLAR to create a joint-venture working on the photovoltaic market on the Reunion Island under the URBASOLAR Océan Indien brand.

RAVATE PROFESSIONNEL launched the photovoltaic coverage of its stores in 2008 as well as a photovoltaic offer for professionals and private individuals.

URBASOLAR Océan Indien thus benefits from the sales, logistics and installation teams of RAVATE PROFESSIONNEL, alongside URBASOLAR’s knowhow in technical and project development.

At the end of 2012, the joint-venture showed a population of 25 power plants in the Reunion.



URBASOLAR and CAFOM, an independent group in the major distribution sector specialised in home improvement and undisputed leader in Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guyana, have joined forces to approach the Caribbean photovoltaic market.

The URBASUN Caraïbes dedicated brand thus benefits from the URBASOLAR’s technical, legal and financial know-how, and from all the CAFOM Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guyana locations, sales, logistics and maintenance teams.

Since 2007, URBASUN Caraïbes has covered all the BUT and CONFORAMA outlets (owned by the CAFOM Group) with photovoltaic plants.