URBASOLAR is the first winner of the National Building Integrated Photovoltaic Tender in France

URBASOLAR is the first winner of the National Building Integrated Photovoltaic Tender in France

With a 39% share of the large-scale rooftop solar energy market, Urbasolar convincingly won the “CRE4 Bâtiments” tender offer for photovoltaic energy generation as announced by the French Minister for the Environment, Sustainable Development & Energy at a meeting on renewable energy in Paris yesterday.

Fifteen new projects representing a total of 30MWp were recognised for their environmental benefits and economic importance. These were installed on warehouses (with ICPE status, i.e. installations classified for environmental protection), industrial buildings, and greenhouses. The diversity of these projects illustrates the variety of technical solutions developed and implemented by Urbasolar to exploit photovoltaic technology on buildings of all types, in full compliance with the applicable regulations.

This outcome confirms the strength of Urbasolar’s market offer and acknowledges the quality of its projects: 100% of the projects submitted were included in the winning offer. All of this can encourage the Group in its strategy of ongoing innovation to optimise the production of its units and improve their integration into grids and electrical networks.

Urbasolar now runs more than 450 installations from its monitoring centre in Montpellier, with a capacity of hundreds of megawatts, both in France and abroad. The Group is already working on responses for future project tenders in June and July.

Overall investment to construct these new projects will be in the order of 36 million euros, part of which will be through crowdfunding. Indeed, the Group recently broke a record in this respect with a participatory financing round table wound up in just an hour-and-a-half for two installations on covered parking lots in the South of France.


MEDIACO VRAC Logistics centre – 2 070 kWp

Photo: Urbasolar – M. Colin