• +37%

    That could well represent the increase in world demand for energy by 2040.

    Source : IEA 2014

  • URBASOLAR is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified for its Photovoltaic Power Plant Development, Sale, Design, Construction, Operating and Maintenance activities

  • 227 GW

    Installed power of the photovoltaic installations world-wide in 2015.

    Source : IEA 2015

  • 1,7 M€

    Amount for the R&D contract signed by CEA-Ines and URBASOLAR to
    cover optimisation of photovoltaic installations..

  • 19.3%

    In 2015, renewable energy represented 19.3% of electricity consumption in France.

    Source : SER

  • 1h

    Roughly one hour of solar radiation received by the Earth represents the world’s annual energy consumption.

    Source : CNRS

  • -75%

    PV Sytem price declines of around 75% in less than 10 years !

    Source : EPIA 2015

  • 80 MW

    For 15 projects, on buildings, greenhouses, ground-mounted systems or car park shelters, won by URBASOLAR under the third Energy Regulatory calls for.

  • 2013

    The year grid parity was attained in Italy. By 2020 this will be
    extended to many other European countries.
    Source : EPIA

  • URBASOLAR joined Fast500 and ranks among the 10 leading European
    businesses in the Green Tech sector.

The development of our sector and the photovoltaic business is not merely an economic strategy; we are responsible for implementing solutions to serve people and the planet, for a better world.


Photovoltaic technology allows for the direct production of electricity by transformation of solar radiation. Its multiple qualities and constant evolution towards lower costs and improved yield, combined with the unlimited potential of solar energy, clearly make it one of the energies of the future, a solution for the planet, and an opportunity to create hundreds of thousands of jobs.


Created by a pioneering team, Urbasolar has the objectives of ensuring massive development of photovoltaic power, via innovation and widespread use.

Its teams are convinced that solar electricity can ensure a major share of our energy needs and fit in with conventional distribution networks in the immediate and short term. They work daily to offer solutions tailored to the energy issues faced by its customers.