A partnership to suit everyone’s taste!

Since 2019, the Urbasolar group has been working with Philippe Rouquette, a beekeeper from father to son, based in Paulhan in the Hérault. Every year, he installs more than 80 beehives on our solar power plant in Nizas-Lézignan-la-Cèbe. Every year, more than 400 kg of Garrigues honey are produced at the power plant, which has enabled us to launch a special edition of this honey with Mr. Rouquette, which we offer to our employees as well as to our customers and partners.

“Urbasolar opened the doors of its power plant to me: 14 hectares of land to install my beehives. This easily accessible site, without the need for facilities, “ready to use”, was a godsend for me! Moreover, the basaltic soil of the site, i.e. rich and warm, is interesting for my activity because it offers a beautiful autumn flowering season, which allows the bees to build up reserves for the winter.

I immediately saw in their proposal that we were on the same wavelength: we are both part of the same approach to protecting the environment, so it was coherent for me to join forces with this solar energy producer.” Philippe Rouquette, beekeeper.

© Philippe Rouquette