Almost €19 million raised by Urbasolar, thanks to the citizen’s funding!

Integrated within the territories, the company has financed 82 photovoltaic power plants through 4,250 local investors for a total amount of €18.7 million.

“Greener” investors

Due to COVID, the French have never saved as much as in 2020 and all experts agree that savings will remain high in 2021. However, this health crisis has somewhat changed the patterns of behavior, making safer and greener investments the most popular ones.

As a stakeholder in the energy transition, Urbasolar places crowdfunding at the core of its strategy for deploying solar power plants. The group is developing and increasing this type of action in order to offer citizens the opportunity to invest in a territorial project, while contributing to reducing the carbon footprint by developing renewable energies. Convinced that the choice of an investment is no longer limited solely to its profitability but increasingly to the ethical and environmental dimensions, Urbasolar endeavors to offer secured assets to provide private investors with the guarantee of a local investment, which is both secure and socially responsible.

A Happy New Year 2020!

For the year 2020 alone, Urbasolar has collected €7.5 million from 25 projects, concerning industrial and logistics buildings, photovoltaic greenhouses, parking shade structures in particular in hospitals, old industrial wastelands, a military depot or even a former coal mining site. Photovoltaic plants are spread across all Departments in mainland France as well as in the French Overseas Departments. The average investment, mainly in capital, amounts to €4,900, and is 1.6 times higher than the average ticket of all the collections combined, thus confirming the citizens’ confidence in the group’s power plants.

All of these operations were carried out as close as possible to the projects, targeting primarily the inhabitants of the municipality or even the staff of the partner companies, thanks to tailor-made campaigns offering everyone the opportunity to take ownership of the solar power plant project.

In 2021, Urbasolar aims to increase these fund-raising activities, in order to allow as many people as possible to engage in the energy transition, at the heart of their region and whatever their financial means might be.

Numerous fund-raising operations are currently underway on certified platforms.

Saint-Léger-de-Montbrun Solar Power Plant | Photo Credit: Urbasolar