ASPRO: a commitment to the environment

The leisure specialist Aspro Parks, which operates more than 60 sites (water parks, leisure parks, aquariums, zoos and dolphinariums), took the decision to cover its parking lots with photovoltaic canopies.

“At ASPRO, we are receptive to environmental issues and the group is committed to a policy of sustainable development. To this end, we have created our own foundation – Fundacion Aspro Natura – which conducts environmental and biodiversity education programs, as well as social projects based on social cohesion and equal opportunities. We wanted to continue with our commitments and therefore made the choice to cover our parking lots with photovoltaic canopies. Installing this equipment was perfectly in tune with our commitment to protect the environment and addresses another of the leisure group’s concerns: the well-being of our visitors.  Thanks to the canopies, not only will it produce carbon-free electricity locally, but it will also provide a service to our customers by protecting their vehicles from the sun and rain.

In Urbasolar, we found a quality partner who listens to the specific needs of our industry and knows how to offer solutions which meet the highest quality standards, whilst also meeting our own strict requirements, whether they be environmental or aesthetic.” Wilfrid LELANDAIS, Director for France, ASPRO Group.

The 7 sites selected represent a total power of 40 MWp.

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