At the instigation of the Commune of Villefranche-de-Rouergue, SYDOM and the Urbasolar Group are committed to renewable energies.

On Thursday June 20, the Commune de Villefranche-de-Rouergue, the Syndicat Départemental des Ordures Ménagères de l’Aveyron (SYDOM) and Urbasolar, an expert in photovoltaic solar energy, came together to sign an agreement for the occupation of public land to launch the construction of a solar power plant on a former landfill site. The project is fully in line with the town’s political commitment to developing environmentally-friendly initiatives, and in this case to giving a new lease of life to a run-down site.

Today, in the presence of Jean-Sébastien Orcibal, Mayor of Villefranche-de-Rouergue, Urbasolar and SYDOM, represented by its President Florence Cayla, signed a public domain occupation agreement, marking the start of their collaboration and sealing their shared commitment to the region’s energy transition.

It was on the site of the former Solozard ISDND (non-hazardous waste storage facility), a degraded and anthropized site that has been out of operation since 2018, that the commune of Villefranche de Rouergue and SYDOM seized the opportunity to build a territorial project that would make it possible to turn a communal site into a source of green energy production.

Winner of the call for tenders and drawing on its experience of working on degraded sites, solar photovoltaic expert Urbasolar will develop and build the solar power plant with a capacity of around 5 MWp (estimated annual production of around 6,800 Mwh/year, equivalent to the average annual electricity consumption of around 1,524 households, representing around 3,399 people), in co-activity with SYDOM, which will be responsible for post-operating the site on this municipal land.

The project will also be accompanied by environmental measures to ensure that the plant blends in with its surroundings and encourages the development of biodiversity on the site. The site will thus be given a new lease of life, both environmentally and in terms of energy.

The signing of this agreement is further proof of the willingness of the region’s elected representatives to work towards the deployment of a more virtuous form of energy in their areas, drawing on the expertise of the Urbasolar Group.

Signing of the agreement – Photo Credit : Urbasolar