With more than 2 million m² of roofs equipped, Urbasolar has solid experience in the construction and renovation of industrial, logistical, service, and commercial buildings and has developed a renowned know-how thanks to numerous technological partnerships forged with business leaders in the world of building construction as well as numerous research and development projects.

Urbasolar integrates the design and construction of the installation to perfect completion, using all the expertise and specifications of the various professions involved in such a project, as well as the implementation of builder guarantees. Urbasolar is the general contractor for your installation and takes responsibility as such for the deadline, price, and quality.

Our photovoltaic solutions take into account the constraints specific to each roof (framework, insulation, lighting, climate control/heating, building height, etc.) and we select the processes that are best adapted.

Our turnkey offer includes detailed engineering of the project, administrative and urban planning processes, calls for offers proposals, installation construction, quality audits, the various tests, and commissioning.

Make your buildings productive!

Mediaco Vrac

capacity : 2 069 kWp


capacity : 2 444 kWp


capacity : 969 kWp

Green Office – Bouygues

capacity : 833 kWp

Système U

capacity : 3 692 kWp

La Poste group – 45 sites

capacity: 4 885 kWp

KP1 – 3 sites

capacity : 2 459 kWp


capacity : 552 kWp


capacity : 2 302 kWp

Katoen Natie

capacity : 4 216 kWp

Frédéric Bazille High School

capacity : 248 kWp

Hyper U

capacity : 469 kWp


capacity : 5 576 kWp


capacity : 2 214 kWp