Urbasolar’s success is founded on its capacity for innovation, its technical expertise, and its environmental engagement but, above all it is based on the performance of its employees.

Positioned in a lead market, operating throughout a large portion of the photovoltaic value chain, we recruit numerous talents from very varied fields of expertise such as research & development, engineering, construction, financing, law, and commerce, among others.

Having opted for a flexible and responsible organization, which allows us to be highly reactive and favors competitiveness, we expect our future employees to help us always maintain a leading edge.
For this, we pay particular attention to our employees’ fulfillment which we know is essential to the growth of the group and the evolution of our employees, by offering excellent career opportunities.

These convictions define our values: going above and beyond, engagement, an appetite for a challenge, and team spirit. They are values that are shared by all our employees who exercise them regularly in Urbasolar’s name through sports challenges (volleyball and soccer tournaments, cycling championships, and others).
Urbasolar is determined to encourage this frame of mind though team building actions that bind the teams but also through well-being in the workspace.

Our Professional Equality Index for calendar year 2023 is 90/100.