Partenariat Carrefour

Carrefour : pioneer of self-consumption

Carrefour has united with Urbasolar to accelerate the energy transition of its superstores with a first phase of installation of photovoltaic parking canopies on 36 of the brand’s superstore parking areas. The electricity produced is completely self-consumed on site by each store. Carrefour is the first distributer in France to use a self-consumption system on such a scale.
« With this innovative partnership, Carrefour has reached a new stage in its climate plan. To accelerate our energy transition, we are installing, on the parking lots of 36 superstores in France, photovoltaic canopies whose electrical production will be completely self-consumed and will serve the daily needs of the stores. Through this project, Carrefour has become a pioneer of large-scale self-consumption systems, thanks to Urbasolar’s expertise in innovative photovoltaic projects. This initiative makes Carrefour the number one self-consumer in France and one of the top in Europe. It is a part of the goal of diversifying energy sources and the search for solutions for tomorrow and greater energy autonomy in our stores ». Fabio COPPO, Director of  CARGO PROPERTY, Carrefour Group.

These photovoltaic canopies installed over several hundred parking spaces will also increase user comfort by providing protection against the elements (rain, wind, sun) for the cars parked below them as well as their operators.
Altogether, this installation will in time produce and self-consume 21,000 MWh of green, clean electricity annually. That is the annual consumption (excluding heating) of 4,600 households, for 210 tons of CO2 avoided each year.