Engagment in a regional energy positive policy

Interview with Marie-Aline Edo, mayor from 2004 to 2020 of La-Tour-Sur-Orb, a town of 1,500 inhabitants in the western part of the Hérault region, near Bédarieux.

Marie-Aline Edo, along with her town council, responded in favor of a proposal to create a renewable energy production site in her community: “Even the hunters and the hiking association were favorable to it. We only see advantages from this project. We receive rent and the local economic contribution (CET, contribution économique territoriale) and, with these complementary resources, we are able to invest without impacting the town’s taxes.” On an area of six hectares and located on a former bauxite quarry, the La Tour-sur-Orb photovoltaic power plant was commissioned in December of 2014. There is an active will within the town’s team to respond to public policies for the energy transition. The community has positioned itself within in the TEPCV (energy positive region for green growth) framework and has acquired two electric vehicles, thus reinforcing their engagement. “I would tell the mayors of France that they must begin using photovoltaic energy. There is a segment of land that should be reserved for this economic and ecological activity. We are fully invested in being an energy positive region.” At La Tour-sur-Orb, the door is wide open to clean energy and the engagement of elected officials is continuing with Urbasolar for a second photovoltaic project now in development.