Ground-mounted Power Plants

A pioneer in this sector, in particular with the construction of the 1st large capacity solar tracker plant in France in 2012 and the creation of the largest solar concentration plant in 2015, Urbasolar has built numerous installations whose vocation is to be as much technological showcases as to create the conditions for projects free of regulated tariffs.

Working on degraded sites (polluted, nationally classified polluted sites on the BASOL list, abandoned sites, former quarries, waste storage sites, slag heaps, airfield zones, etc.), the group works throughout all phases of the project from development and financing to construction, quality audits, and the various tests through to commissioning.

A true partner for local governments and real estate owners, Urbasolar accompanies you in the execution of your projects (public informational meetings, site visits, etc.) and gives particular attention to their environmental integration as well as their insertion. Our expertise has been developed over the years, allowing us to today be one of the leading winners of the CRE’s calls for offers, with a success rate of more than 90%.

Former dump

capacity : 14,7 MWp

Former military site

puissance : 9,5 MWc

Former falun quarry

capacity: 5 MWp

Sauvaires Waste Heap

capacity : 9,3 MWp

Former sand quarry and gravel pit lake

capacity: 11,4 MWp

Former Non-Hazardous Waste Storage Facility

capacity: 5,6 MWc

La Devèze Park

capacity : 4,8 MWp

Former military munitions dump

capacity: 18 MWp

Former basalt quarry

Capacity : 11,5 MWp

Former airfield

capacity : 12 MWp

Former clay quarry

capacity : 17 MWp

Former Civil Airfield

capacity : 7,4 MWp

Bramefan Waste Heap

capacity : 4,5 MWp

Former quarry of sand

puissance : 5 MWc

Former Gravel Quarry

capacity : 4,6 MWp

Former Bauxite Mine

capacity : 3,8 MWp

Oncopole (former AZF factory)

capacity: 15 MWp

Former quartz quarry

capacity : 11,5 MWp

BASOL site

capacity : 8,9 MWp

CEA site

capacity : 4,3 MWp