A key factor in the development and growth of the group, Urbasolar dedicates 3% of its turnover every year to R&D.

Internally piloted by a dedicated group, and carried out in partnership with external partners (public and private research centers), private companies, and business clusters, R&D programs focus in particular on smart buildings and self-consumption, smart grids, component innovation, and electricity storage.
These collaborations have allowed the group to develop a refined expertise and to be a pioneer in numerous areas in particular with the inauguration of the largest roof-mounted power plant in Europe in 2008, by creating a solar plant at more than 37 meters above ground on the new Airbus A350 assembly hall, by commissioning the 1st French photovoltaic power plant using tracker technology of more than 4 MW, building the first high power solar concentration power plant in France, and even developing the first mobile application designed for power plant owners.
The ensemble of these R&D projects carried out by Urbasolar have allowed for the implementation of operational solutions that contribute to the growth of the group and the industry.