Solar energy represents a responsible investment opportunity, combining economic performance and environmental engagement.

Sustainable investment

The rise in electricity costs presents a favorable context for investment in renewable energy, and solar energy in particular, which presents an opportunity to invest responsibly, combining economic performance and environmental consideration.

Electricity production models have evolved towards a system of decentralized installations, and therefore to an increase in the number of renewable energy-based installations. The fall in costs of photovoltaic components has meant that the price of renewable energy has become competitive with that of electricity from traditional sources.

Investing in photovoltaic energy presents numerous advantages:

  • Simplicity: future loads are known and anticipated
  • Visibility: of turnover, thanks to tariffs locked in over a course of 20 years
  • Security: 25 year builder guarantees, operations loss insurances
  • Responsibility: participation in the energy transition

Our photovoltaic power plants benefit from the best design and construction guarantees. We manage operation and maintenance to create solid and sustainable investments. Furthermore, the Urbasolar group remains a majority shareholder in the power plants that it builds, remaining at the investor’s side.

Investment opportunities are many and create stable annual flows as well as yields well above short-term and higher risk investments.

  • In shares, bonds, and current accounts
  • Investment in capital or bonded debt (remuneration at a fixed rate)

The French energy transition law for green growth (LTECV)

  • Towns and groups of municipalities can participate in the capital of an incorporated company (SA) or a simplified joint-stock company (SAS) whose business is the production of renewable energy. Article 109 of the LTECV.
  • Companies created to carry a renewable energy production project can propose shares to natural persons, in particular inhabitants whose place of residence is in close proximity to the project site, as well as local authorities and their councils in the region in which they are located. Article 111 of the LTECV.


To promote local investment, we offer town residents and citizens of regions around our photovoltaic plants, the opportunity to participate in these projects in a win-win process.

The gathering of funds from individual investors – organized through dedicated AMF accredited platforms – allows for individuals to participate in a solar project with a contribution within their means.
The process is then similar to any other type of financial placement; the invested sums are repaid each year with an attractive interest rate.

This type of investment has several advantages:

  • A low risk placement (the purchase of the electricity produced by the plant is guaranteed by the French government for 20 years)
  • Short-term placement
  • Participation in the energy transition of one’s region
  • Creation of a community bond between the citizens of the region

Adaptable, they can be tailored to the needs and desires of everyone, and present many benefits in terms of local, social, and environmental integration.

*AMF: French financial markets regulator