Local energy distributor and photovoltaics expert, partners in the development of renewable energy

Interview with Akhobi Sitou, Managing Director of SÉOLIS Group (79)

The SÉOLIS Group’s core business occupies a specific geographical place in the energy sector, given that this company, with its 175 employees, is a long-established supplier of energy to the Deux-Sèvres department in the west of France. Due to its origins, being created by a group of local authorities, SÉOLIS knows the region extremely well and has direct and close links with each authority in the region.

In 2012, SÉOLIS decided to diversify its activities, moving most notably into the field of renewable energy, by creating Séolis PROD, a wholly-owned subsidiary. The company is constantly renewing its commitment to the various regional stakeholders and has been supporting them through the energy transition.

“We know the Urbasolar Group well, not just as an essential player in the solar energy industry, but also as one of our partner companies. We share the same values and our roles complement each other. Identifying sites and developing special relationships with property owners and local elected officials are the core aims of Séolis PROD. As for Urbasolar, they master the development process, from design studies through to the final acceptance of the energy plant. Their status of experts is our guarantee of quality in terms of project delivery.

Our “co-development projects” are aimed at high-output energy plants. The first joint project delivered in 2021 was the Tiper solar plant in Thouars in the north of our department. Other projects are in the pipeline. 

Producing a significant part of the energy needed to supply our customers is a strategic goal; acting in the interests of the energy transition is a strong commitment by both our Group and our elected representatives. Our goal is to be producing 600 GWh by 2032. We are delighted to have Urbasolar as one of our partners.”