Moselle: 3HUB and the Urbasolar group inaugurate their first solar parking lot in Abreschviller

Renewable energy producer Urbasolar and automotive logistics company 3HUB have inaugurated their first joint project of photovoltaic parking lot shadings, the first of a series of 3 to come.

In the presence of Emmanuel RIEHL, Mayor of Abreschviller, Hubert VATAUX, co-founder of 3 HUB with Hubert GONCALVES, Paul KEURINCK, Managing Director of Urbasolar, Catherine BELRHITI, Senator for Moselle, and several elected representatives of local authorities, the solar power plant on parking lot shades at the Abreschviller automotive hub was inaugurated today.

“Participating in the production of virtuous energy”.

The solar shadings are located on the site of what was one of France’s largest softwood sawmills for over a century. Abandoned for more than 10 years, this 16-hectare industrial wasteland has been given a second, more sustainable life.

Hubert Vataux, co-founder of 3 HUB – a local boy and organizer of the famous Montée Historique vintage car race in Abreschviller – and his partner Hubert Goncalves bought the sawmill land with the ambition of creating an automotive hub, including a vehicle storage facility.

The 3 HUB company has chosen to collaborate with the Urbasolar Group, which will install parking lot shading systems in 3 parks, bringing the total project to 13.5 MWp.

Inaugurated today, the first solar power plant has a capacity of 5.8 MWp, and will protect vehicles from bad weather and contribute to the production of green energy.

Ultimately, the site will produce 14GWh of renewable electricity a year, equivalent to almost 20% of the population of the Sarrebourg – Moselle Sud community of communes.

“A complex rehabilitation project”

As a long-standing partner of the logistics sector, the Urbasolar Group’s know-how and expertise made it possible to respond to the particularities of this site, where the parking shadings grew on the existing foundations of the old buildings.

This project demonstrates the Group’s ability to support entrepreneurs in complex rehabilitation programs that create value and promote green energy.

With numerous projects already underway in the Grand-Est region, the Group is consolidating its position with this first park, which will comprise 3 in all. Société 3 HUB, for its part, is making its automotive division part of the energy transition.

Like a symbolic kick-off, this first inauguration took place ahead of the historic vintage car race “La Toph”, created by Hubert Vataux.