Accounts closed on April 30th, 2018 show a total turnover of 104M€, including the design, construction, maintenance, and the sale of electricity. This represents a growth rate of 16% in relation to previous activity, reinforced by a significant increase in results. The total GOS of the group rose to 25M€, growth of 23%, in particular thanks to numerous plants commissioned over the course of the last 12 months, as well as the acquisition of minority holders’ shares in the stock portfolio during this period.

Urbasolar now has a park of 229 MW of photovoltaic power plants, including 122 MW owned or majority held in France, where the group continues to hold its position as an independent leader on the market winning 63 MW in the latest call for offers from the CRE whose results were announced last August.

Recurrent success at each CRE call for offers and international contracts that have been recently signed, have secured a portfolio of 320 MW of orders to install before mid-2020, which represents acceleration in growth of 135% in 2018 and 105% in 2019.

In parallel, with numerous new projects that have begun development, Urbasolar now has a portfolio of power plants in development in France and internationally that will allow it to reach 1 GW of production by 2022.

It is within this context of strong acceleration that Urbasolar begins this quarter and prepares to hire 20 or so new employees over the next 12 months, with intense activity around innovation and international roll-out.