The sheep at the Badaroux solar power plant are at the heart of an eco-responsible community initiative.

Sheep at the Badaroux solar power plant – Photo credit: Urbasolar – Arc en Ciel

The French agricultural development company (société civile d’exploitation agricole) “La Ferme de Pipo”, which belongs to the Arc en Ciel residential home at Pierrefiche, drove their flock of sheep from “Redoundel” to the Badaroux solar power plant, developed and operated by the Urbasolar group.

Valuing nature and well-being

The Pierrefiche residential home (one of the Arc en Ciel association’s three homes) was founded in 1998 and now accommodates 40 disabled adults from several regions in France. It was established to host adults with disabilities and/or mental health conditions 365 days a year. Without the opportunity to work, they need daily educational support, which the Arc en Ciel association provides.

A unique feature of the Pierrefiche residential home is that it has a farm — La Ferme de Pipo — where animals and a large garden are used as learning resources. Several studies have shown that connecting with animals and nature can benefit people and support their well-being.

The organic-certified farm produces vegetables and raises the ‘Thônes et Marthod’ breed of sheep. Choosing this breed did not happen by chance — the association wanted to foster a herd that was in danger of extinction. The breed is now no longer at risk, having had sheep driven to the Badaroux solar power plant with this in mind, under the supervision of the home’s residents.

A win-win partnership

Touched by this humane, environmentally-friendly and responsible approach, the Urbasolar group, which shares the same values, signed an agreement to maintain the Badaroux photovoltaic park site in Lozère.

This mutually beneficial partnership allows the animals on La Ferme de Pipo to graze on fresh grass, ensuring the park is maintained in the most eco-friendly way possible!

The movement of the sheep on May 7 last year went as smoothly as possible thanks to the Lozère SDEE, the home’s residents and the farm coordinator, Mr. Sezille, as well as Mr. Bresson de Grolac, who kindly lent his van.

The photos below captured a wonderful day’s work.