Urbasolar: A leader in quality!

Urbasolar: A leader in quality! 1100 825 Caro Guérineau

The French photovoltaic specialist is the first company to be certified AQPV General Contractor by Certisolis.

AQPV certification is for companies in the photovoltaic industry and aims to be an indisputable indicator for both private and public projectowners who wish to work with the best operators having a mastery of all skills related to the engineering, construction, and operation of photovoltaic power plants.
AQPV certification, through its demanding set of criteria, is the ultimate recognition of business practice quality in the photovoltaic industry in France.
Urbasolar, who is already ISO 9001 and 14001 certified, thus meets all the quality requirements for calls for offers from the French government, from creation to operation of electricity production installations using solar energy.
The group has also just been classed at the head of the list of winners in the last two Calls for Offers, called “CRE4.3 Ground and Parking Canopies” and “CRE4 Innovation”. Urbasolar has won 10 new large-scale projects, representing a total capacity of 62.1 MW in the ground mounted and parking canopy power plant segment and 4 projects totaling 11.5 MW of capacity in the Innovation segment, for a total of 73 MW won!
With the results already recorded in the 2017 sessions of calls for offers, the photovoltaic specialist, in constant growth since its creation, has a portfolio of projects to build in France of more than 212 MW.
Urbasolar won a total of more than 350 MW of tariffed projects within the context of the calls for offers launched by the CRE since 2012, putting it today in the position of premier winner of the ensemble of sessions.
Stéphanie Andrieu and Arnaud Mine, co-directors and co-founders of the group, said: “We are particularly happy with the results received on the commercial level and the recognition of the quality of the company’s practices. These results show the tenacity of our teams, their will to innovate and progress, and the robustness of our business model.
Far from the loud declarations of certain operators, some of whom were late in converting to photovoltaic energy, the rapid development of the Urbasolar group in France and internationally will always combine technical, economic, environmental, ethical, and social relevance.”

Photo: Faux, Dordogne Power Plant