URBASOLAR and SDE 65 are forming a partnership aimed at the development of solar energy.

This Wednesday, Urbasolar, the French experts in photovoltaic technology and the Syndicat Départemental d’Énergie des Hautes-Pyrénées (SDE65) signed a partnership for the creation of a portfolio of 5 solar energy projects with an overall volume of 22.7 MWp.

At the Pic du Midi, in the presence of local dignitaries, the Urbasolar group and SDE 65 (via the company SEM Ha-Py Energies) signed their partnership for the construction of 5 solar energy plants in the Hautes-Pyrénées region in the south of France.

As this region has a high value in terms of solar potential, this result is proof that collaborations between private and public actors can successfully deploy renewable energy infrastructure in the region.

These 5 solar energy projects, enabled through joint investments by Urbasolar and SEM Ha-Py Energies, cover two land-based plants, two parking canopy units and one roof-based unit.

The signing of these agreements illustrates our shared desire to optimize our strengths in the interests of cleaner energy production and the development of the region. SEM Ha-Py Energies brings its own expertise and knowledge of the local area while Urbasolar brings its technical and environmental expertise, along with its know-how in the development of solar energy projects based on a wide range of technologies.

Indeed, this pro-public/private partnership policy forms an integral part of Urbasolar’s DNA. The group wants to be part of a sustained program for installing photovoltaic infrastructure in the regions thus promoting the involvement of not only the various public bodies, but also private citizens through crowdfunding campaigns, for which local fundraising initiatives are about to start.