URBASOLAR : Consistency and quality of performances

URBASOLAR : Consistency and quality of performances 1500 1125 Caro Guérineau

URBASOLAR : Consistency and quality of performances confirmed with 37 MW more won in the CRE4.2 Ground and Canopy call for offers !

For the second part of the call for offers, titled “CRE4.2”, whose results were recently announced by Mr. Nicolas Hulot, Minister of the Energy Transition, the Urbasolar group is one of the principle winners having been awarded 6 new large-scale projects, representing a total capacity of 37 MWp in the ground-mounted power plant and parking canopy segment.
Thus, since the beginning of 2017, in all the CRE4 Building, Ground, and Canopy calls for offers combined, Urbasolar has obtained a total of 100 MW awarded.
For the CRE2 and CRE3, Urbasolar had already been awarded 54 MW and 80.2 MW respectively, making the company the leading winner in total.
The regularity of these results is proof of the quality of its expertise, the pertinence of its policy of innovation, and of the variety of technical solutions offered and mastered by the group. Its complete offer allows it to position itself as a specialist throughout the entire photovoltaic value chain: development, financing, construction, and operation in France and internationally.
The 75% transformation rate of the proposed projects underlines once again the quality of the proposals submitted by Urbasolar, in terms of economic pertinence as well as on an environmental and technical level.
Today, Urbasolar operates more than 450 power plants from its monitoring center in Montpellier and has a portfolio of several hundred megawatts across France and in more than 10 countries on 4 continents.
Photo legend : Ground-mounted power plant in Faux, France – 12 MWp
Photo Credit: Urbasolar