Urbasolar inaugurates the self-consumption solar power plant of Red Land Roses in Riuru

Urbasolar inaugurates the self-consumption solar power plant of Red Land Roses in Riuru 1500 903 Caro Guérineau

With a beautiful rose nursery as a backdrop, today Urbasolar inaugurated the Red Land Roses solar power plant in Riuru, Kenya.

Designed using a hybrid process that interfaces the KPLC gird and diesel generators,
the plant supplies a portion of the electricity necessary for the pumps used to irrigate the plantings, as well as the refrigeration systems.

For Red Land Roses, the owner of the solar installation, this represents a 30% savings on its bill. But those are not the only virtues of the project: in fact, being its own electricity producer, stabilizing a portion of its supply, and knowing the cost per kW for the next 20 years to come, allows the company to control its energy expenditures over the long term. Other motivations drove Red Land Roses to invest in solar power as well. Having always been conscious of environmental issues, the rose nursery opted for a sustainable horticulture with, in particular, the installation of a water recycling system, and is convinced of the ecological benefit to producing carbon-free electricity on site.
Urbasolar carried out the engineering, development, and construction of this ground-mounted power plant which is associated with parking canopies. Chosen for its expertise (1st French pure player in photovoltaic power), it is above all the quality of its solutions for self-consumption hybridized with diesel generators that made the difference. In fact, Urbasolar offers solutions adapted to any need, including cutting-edge engineering coupled with robust and reliable technologies, all at the most competitive price. The commissioning of the plant is carried out by local teams thus contributing to the economic development of the region where the projects are located.