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The Ravate Group, through its subsidiary Ravate Professionnel, a leader in the distribution of construction materials around the Indian Ocean, and Urbasolar have come together to create a joint-venture operating the photovoltaic market in La Réunion under the brand Urbasolar Océan Indien.

Ravate Prodessionnel launched the equipping of its stores with photovoltaic roofing starting in 2008 as well as a photovoltaic offer for professionals.

Urbasolar Océan Indien therefore has at its disposal the full spectrum of sales, logistics, and installation teams of Ravate Professionnel, in addition to the technical and project execution know-how of Urbasolar.
At the end of 2018 the joint-venture possessed a park of 30 power plants on La Réunion and 15 or so projects in development or construction for 2019.