Parking canopies

With a developed expertise in the creation of parking canopies, Urbasolar is today one of the recognized leaders in the field. With installations of every capacity, on industrial, commercial, hospital, and even public sites, the group can accompany you in the transformation of your parking areas to create electricity producing units.

The variety of solutions that we offer can create any configuration to suit any layout (electric vehicle recharging stations, night lighting, etc.).

Urbasolar integrates the design and construction of the installation to perfect completion, using all the expertise and specifications of the various professions involved in such a project, as well as the implementation of builder guarantees. Urbasolar is the general contractor for your installation and takes responsibility as such for the deadline, price, and quality.

Our turnkey offer includes detailed engineering of the project, administrative and urban planning processes, calls for offers proposals, installation construction, quality audits, the various tests, and commissioning.

Make your parking areas productive!


capacity: 0,5 MWp

Walygator (Aspro Parks)

capacity: 10 MWp

Cora France

capacity: 5,1 MWp

Mosolf Technical Center

capacity: 8,0 MWp


puissance : 1,2 MWc

Nîmes University Hospital Center

capacity: 2,45 MWp

Carcassonne Hospital

capacity: 4,1 MWp

Disneyland Paris

capacity : 36 MWp


capacity: 1,0 MWp

LA POSTE – Mail platform

capacity : 934 kWp


capacity : 153 kWp

Système U Sud

capacity: 546 kWp


capacity : 694 kWp


capacity : 36 kWp

NTN – SNR (ball bearing industry)

capacity: 854 kWp

Portes de Camargue Hospital

capacity : 235 kWp


capacity : 8,98 MWp


capacity : 702 kWp

Hyper U (Supermarket)

capacity : 823 kWp


capacity : 9,80 MWp