With several dozen megawatts of projects in its portfolio, the Urbasolar group has solid experience in the fields of self-consumption and storage.

Our various solutions allow you to reduce your energy dependence, as well as your energy bill, and your fuel usage, to have a long term vision of the price of your electricity and to diversify and secure your supply.

Urbasolar integrates the design and construction of the installation to perfect completion, using all the expertise and specifications of the various professions involved in such a project. Urbasolar is the general contractor for your installation and takes responsibility as such for the deadline, price, and quality.

Our turn-key offer includes identification of your needs and the energetic and economic evaluation of your consumption, a design study (partial or total self-consumption), detailed project engineering, administrative and urban planning processes, calls for offers proposals, installation construction, quality audits, the various tests, and the commissioning.

Pointe-à-Pitre International Airport

puissance : 220 kWc & 753 kWc


capacity : 6,5 MWp


capacity: 3,5 MWp


capacity: 0,9 MWp

Red Land Roses

capacity : 220 kWp


capacity : 100 kWp

Bio planète

capacity : 80 kWp


capacity : 100 kWp


capacity: 0,5 MWp