Solar energy: a virtuous method of rehabilitation

This project was born of the desire of the town of Périgueux, which owns the land, with the support of La Chapelle-Gonaguet municipality and the Greater Périgueux region, to make better use of the site of this rehabilitated former waste dump by constructing a solar power plant. The goal was to contribute to the national policy of promoting the production of renewable electricity and the reduction of greenhouse gases in a way that did not conflict with local farming and forestry activities.

Interview with Delphine Labails, Mayor of Périgueux

“When my predecessors opened this solar power plant nearly 10 years ago, it was a prime example of community solidarity and we are proud of it. It was important for the town of Périgueux to have the support of a solar-energy expert, such as Urbasolar. This company was there every step of the way and their expertise was essential for the success of the construction project. In fact, the nature of the site meant that the ground required reshaping to ensure the topography was suitable as the location for a solar power plant. Solar energy production provides an opportunity for our region to commit ourselves to the energy transition, but it also contributes to strong regional dynamism by bringing in fiscal revenues which give our communities new opportunities.”

Ville de Périgueux

Photo credit Delphine Labails  © Mairie de Périgueux

Interview with Franck Moissat, Mayor of Chapelle-Gonaguet municipality

“This plant is located on the former Lansinade waste dump in La Chapelle-Gonaguet. This site, owned by the town of Périgueux, was used as a waste dump for 25 years and nobody ever went there. Now, the once derelict site is home to a solar power plant producing 14.7 MWp, supplying the equivalent of a third of the town of Périgueux with renewable electricity. This is an example of synergies in action and a truly positive way of rehabilitating a piece of derelict land, creating economic opportunities for the municipality and its wider area. In Urbasolar, we found a company able to meet our quality and environmental performance targets.

This solar power plant is a real asset for the municipality in lots of ways and also of value to Urbasolar, who will install educational panels along a pathway to be created to help passers-by learn about the site.”

Mairie Chapelle-Gonaguet

Photo credit Franck Moissat  © Mairie de la Chapelle-Gonaguet