Toulouse to host the largest solar power plant in an urban zone in France!

18 years after the tragic explosion at the AZF site, the former industrial brownfield is being reborn through an exemplary site reconversion project into a source of renewable energy production.

“This initiative is a manifestation of the Toulouse metropolitan area’s engagement in favor of renewable energies and is fully part of our Climate, Air, and Energy Plan for the region. This project is a part of our goal set in 2014 to double our alternative energy production within the metropolitan area and illustrates a true rebirth for this site which has been intensely polluted, marked by tragedy, and which will soon host the largest ground-mounted solar power plant to date in an urban zone, in one of France’s largest cities.

Due to its particular nature, the site necessitated the expertise of our partner, Urbasolar, to bring this wonderful project to life and to adapt it to the technical constraints. Furthermore, an aesthetic effort was made to integrate the photovoltaic field into its surrounding environment using land art.

I am thrilled with the work that has been done, which attests to the success of this public and private cooperation.

We are proud of the uniqueness of this project which is also a signal to the people of Toulouse, encouraging them to use the solar potential of their own roofs.” Jean-Luc Moudenc, Mayor of Toulouse, President of the Toulouse Metropolitan area.

The 15 MWp solar power plant on an area of 25 ha will produce 19,350 MWh annually, the yearly consumption of 4,100 households.