Urbasolar and Aspro Parks group unveil their first solar parking canopies

The parking canopies at the Walygator amusement park in Maizières-lès-Metz, France, were installed as a result of a fruitful partnership between the two groups – and symbolize their common desire to decarbonize the leisure industry.

Aspro Parks: a commitment to the environment.

Leisure specialist Aspro Parks – which operates more than 50 parks (water parks, attraction parks, aquariums, and dolphinariums) and is committed to a policy of sustainable development – took the decision to cover its parking spaces with photovoltaic canopies. Installing this equipment is perfectly in tune with its action to protect the environment, and addresses another of the leisure group’s concerns: the well-being of its visitors.  Thanks to the canopies, not only will it produce decarbonized electricity locally, but it will also provide a service to its customers by protecting their vehicles from the heat and rain.

Urbasolar: solar expertise for the leisure industry

Urbasolar Group, already a solar-power expert, has now also become a specialist in the leisure industry. By developing innovative solutions and meeting high quality standards, the Group has transformed the leisure industry into an area of robust growth. Urbasolar has made maximum use of its expertise to achieve the highest professional standards – whether these be technical, environmental, or esthetic.

The partnership with the Aspro Parks group reinforces this strategic commitment to working towards the decarbonization of the industry by offering solutions for the production of solar energy locally.

A partnership across several sites

The solar canopies at Maizières-lès-Metz mark the start of a partnership agreed between the two groups covering a total of 5 sites to be fitted out: the Frejus, St Cyprien and St Maxime Aqualand parks, and Walygator Sud Ouest will also all soon boast photovoltaic canopies. That totals more than 23,000 MWh of solar energy produced by the leisure group – the equivalent of the annual consumption of the citizens of the town of Maizières-lès-Metz (i.e., 11,200 people).

Photo Credit : Parking canopies at the Walygator amusement park in Maizières-lès-Metz, France  ©Walygator Grand Est