Urbasolar and BeRT&YOU® partner once again to build a second photovoltaic power plant!

The renewable energy producer Urbasolar and the logistics specialist BeRT&YOU® commission a second solar power plant on the roof of a logistics platform, bearing testimony to a successful and lasting collaboration.

The determination to produce zero-carbon energy

It is in St Gilles in the Gard, in the ZAC Mitra business park that the BeRT&YOU® group has chosen to build a new logistics platform subject to ICPE operating permits. Being committed to sustainable development and aware of the new energy challenges, the group called on the renewable energy producer Urbasolar to build a rooftop solar power plant on its “PV READY” building.

With this structure, the group can make better use of its building, strengthen its CSR policy and produce zero-carbon energy for the local area.

This photovoltaic power plant, which was commissioned in early September, produces 2.1 MWp of power which is the equivalent of 2,706 MWh each year, covering the annual consumption of 1,330 people, or 10% of the energy needs of the inhabitants of St Gilles.

Urbasolar, a sustainable partner

After the completion of its first 2.5 MWp roofing project on the Albon logistics platform, near its new headquarters, BeRT&YOU® has chosen to continue its collaboration with the Urbasolar group, the photovoltaic expert and leader in large buildings and canopies sector, to build this second power plant. A vote of confidence for the renewable energy producer that is committed to supporting its clients at every stage of the projects, to build photovoltaic structures with high energy efficiency and low environmental impact.

“Collaborating with Urbasolar meant we had chosen a solid, recognized partner, capable of supporting us with our CSR program, and in our interactions with the various project stakeholders (SDIS, DREAL, municipalities, etc.).” Gilles Senecloze, Chief Executive Officer of BeRT&YOU®

“We are proud of this new achievement, which is part of a long-term relationship built on BeRT&YOU® ‘s trust in Urbasolar’s know-how.  By integrating technical and regulatory recommendations very early on, BeRT&YOU® has a totally PV Ready logistics building” Agnès Tixier, Director of the Buildings, Urbasolar Canopies Department

Albon Solar Power Plant – Photo credit: BeRT&YOU®