Urbasolar and Séolis have just commissioned the new Tiper 2&4 solar energy plant!

Located north of Thouars, in western France, the Tiper 2&4 solar energy project gave the Urbasolar group and local energy distributor SÉOLIS the opportunity to work together to produce and deliver renewable energy. Now in operation, this solar energy power station, which is a symbolic step for the region, has begun producing energy. 

Covering an area of 14 hectares, the plant is located on a former military base, which was transferred back to the Communauté de Communes du Thouarsais (Thouars Regional Authorities Group or CCT) in 2016 following the clearance of explosives from the site. The Tiper project not only allowed the disused site to be rehabilitated for the production of renewable energy, but it also allowed the CCT to advance its objective of moving towards 100% green energy consumption by 2050.

Work on the plant, with an output of 10 MWp, began at the start of 2020. Connected to the grid in May 2021, the solar energy plant has begun producing its first kilowatt hours.

Commissioning this plant was a concrete step towards completion of Urbasolar’s first project in partnership with SÉOLIS PROD, a subsidiary of SÉOLIS specializing in the production of renewable energy.

“We know the Urbasolar Group well, not just as an essential player in the solar energy industry, but also as one of our partner companies. Producing a significant part of the energy needed to supply our customers is a strategic goal; acting in the interests of the energy transition is a strong commitment by both our Group and our elected representatives. Our goal is to be producing 600 GWh by 2032. We are delighted to have Urbasolar as one of our partners. ”

 Akhobi SITOU, Managing Director of SÉOLIS Group

“Urbasolar is delighted with this first project in partnership with SÉOLIS PROD. This solar energy plant is the result of combining the skillsets of both groups – SÉOLIS as the local player and Urbasolar as the experts in solar energy. We share the goal of developing renewable energy resources in the region and our partnership is expected to continue with the delivery of other projects currently in the pipeline. This outlook confirms Urbasolar’s technical excellence and top know-how. ”

Arnaud MINE, CEO and Stéphanie ANDRIEU Managing Director of the Urbasolar Group

The CCT, a pioneer in its commitment to sustainable development in France since 2005, a status recognized through the TIPER project and also through its national-level TEPOS* accreditation, is delighted to see this new cornerstone of its policy enter production”, said Pierre-Emmanuel DESSEVRES, CCT Vice-President in charge of economic development. He added: “This will allow us to further diversify our energy mix, a commitment we have been working on since 2005. In combination with our efforts to gain control of our energy supplies and undertake new development projects, the Thouars region and its inhabitants have been fully committed to Objective 2050, aiming to become a Positive Energy Region alongside all our public partner organizations.”

Photo Credit : Urbasolar