Urbasolar and the town of Mont-Prés-Chambord inaugurate an agrivoltaic power plant!

An example of the synergy between farming and renewable energy production, the Urbasolar group, experts in photovoltaics, and the municipality of Mont-Prés-Chambord have inaugurated an agrivoltaic power station that is home to a local flock of sheep.

In the presence of Mr. Clément, Mayor of Mont-prés-Chambord, Mrs. Gonzalez, parliamentary aide (representing Mr. Chudeau, Member for Loir-et-Cher), Mr. Huguet, Vice-President in charge of agriculture, environment, biodiversity, hunting and fishing, and Mr. Meier, Director of Urbasolar Operations, as well as several elected officials and Urbasolar employees.

A solar power plant that combines agricultural activity and solar energy

At the heart of the implementation of this agrivoltaic project is the Mont-Prés-Chambord municipality’s determination to restore the agricultural value of an unused portion of the three-hectare natural grassland.

As the municipality is also committed to energy transition, it chose to collaborate with the Urbasolar group, a renewable energy producer, to couple agricultural activity with green electricity production.

For the group, it was above all a project in partnership with the Chamber of Agriculture 41 and a local breeder from the neighboring town. From its inception, it was intended to welcome a herd of Solognot sheep and produce fodder.

The elevation of the photovoltaic panels and the increased space between rows not only make for the good circulation of livestock on the site but also allows it to be mechanized so as to optimize fodder production.

On the renewable energy production front, the 4.4 MWp photovoltaic plant will produce 5,350 MWh annually in perfect synergy with the agricultural project; this represents the electricity consumption of 2,500 people, that is about 70% of Mont-Prés-Chambord.

The solar power plant was installed without altering the Russy forest edges and keeping all the hedges, so as to blend into the wide landscape of the Grand Chambord region.

Urbasolar – a committed partner in the agricultural sector

By pooling agricultural skills and photovoltaic expertise, Urbasolar strives to place the agricultural project at the heart of its procedures and regularly partners with local players to benefit from current expertise to the fullest, in order to meet the needs and expectations of the sector. As a partner of the Loir-et-Cher Chamber of Agriculture, it set up agronomic monitoring on the solar power plant, notably with a control area without solar panels to measure and compare agricultural production and assess the well-being of the sheep.

While this agrivoltaic project testifies to the achievement of the coexistence of agricultural activity and solar energy production, it also speaks for the strong commitment of the various players who supported the project to take action in favor of sustainable, local agriculture and energy production.

Inauguration of the Mont-Prés-Chambord Agrivoltaic Power Plant – Photo Credit Urbasolar