Urbasolar becomes a major partner of MBS!

This partnership commits the experts in solar technology to a close collaboration with Montpellier Business School, providing training for young people and support for adults to find jobs in the local area.

Collaboration in training schemes

Access to training for young people and adults is a cornerstone of the Urbasolar group’s CSR policy. Professional development, along with skills acquisition, certification and diversification are activities that the company conducts on a daily basis.

MBS, Montpellier Business School and the Grande Ecole de Management Internationale are developing a full range of management training courses: Bachelor courses, Master ‘Grande Ecole’ courses, Master of Sciences, Executive Education (Executive MBA, bespoke training, certificate or diploma levels), DBA, so many top-level training courses offered by a group such as Urbasolar.

Ranked 2nd in the ‘Grande Ecole de Management’ category in the ChangeNow/Les Echos ‘change the world’ rankings, MBS also stood out for its commitment to a responsible economic transformation.

Both players then came together to collaborate on different topics, such as support for recruitment, continuous professional development or even middle/senior management coaching programs. Urbasolar will also be collaborating in educational programs focusing on subjects such as sustainable development and energy transition through case studies, hackathons or business games and these may even include co-designing of teaching programs, whether for entry-level or professional training courses.

MBS and Urbasolar: a close, quality relationship

Stéphanie Andrieu, co-founder and CEO of Urbasolar, now 1st Vice-President of MBS, is a graduate of the Montpellier Business School, as are many managers, employees, interns and trainees who have come from MBS and who work daily towards the group’s development, something which reflects well on the quality of the training they received there.

This is particularly the case for Laura Bleunard, a graduate of the MBS Grande Ecole Program in 2013 who joined Urbasolar in 2017 as a recruitment manager. After 5 years with the group, Laura was appointed Head of Recruitment. She currently manages a team of 5 people who actively participate in the group’s growth, with a plan for 100 new recruits over the coming year in France and abroad!

“Striking partnerships with higher education institutions is a cornerstone of our HR strategy. Geographical proximity, as well as the quality of the training provided by MBS, are key factors in a successful collaboration based on fruitful relationships which will continue into the future”,  says Stéphanie Andrieu.

“I am honored to welcome Urbasolar into the exclusive group of Major Partners of MBS. With its dynamism, commitment to the energy transition and proximity, Urbasolar is the ideal partner to for a 360-degree collaboration project: recruitment, professional training, education and research”, said André Deljarry, President of Montpellier Business School.

The partnership between Urbasolar and MBS has been signed for a period of 3 years,

From left to right : Stéphanie Andrieu, André Deljarry et Bruno Ducasse I Photo Credit : Urbasolar-MBS