Urbasolar launches a massive recruitment drive!

Urbasolar to recruit 100 people over the next 12 months. Urbasolar, the expert in the solar energy sector, has seen its employee base increase by 30% each year since 2017 and this is only set to increase!

A dynamic carried by the group’s strong growth 

The Urbasolar group has been in strong growth since its creation. Its expertise, know-how and commitment to the energy transition have led it to win many contracts which are both symbolic and innovative.

Today, orienting itself towards Europe and committed to the challenges of tomorrow, the group is recruiting approximately 100 people in all fields:  engineering, R&D, information technology, via prospecting and development, as well as legal or finance in France, Italy and Spain.

A personalized career plan

At Urbasolar, each new member of staff will benefit from a full onboarding program which will instruct them in the group’s organization and its core activities, and they will benefit from continuous support from a network of experts and a personalized career plan.

This is why the group stresses the importance of training.

After a personalized skills and knowledge audit, Urbasolar creates an individual career program which evolves as an employee’s career progresses. Each year, 90% of employees receive training aimed at improving their skills and opening the door to management opportunities. Currently, 60% of Urbasolar’s employees are in middle management.

Convinced that its employees’ well-being is the root to good performance, the group has chosen to incorporate a range of key measures into its global remunerations package which are linked to CSR issues and work-life balance. Thus, besides offering attractive remuneration packages, in particular through an extensive profit-sharing scheme, Urbasolar has implemented a policy commitment to parenthood which offers young parent employees places in childcare and full salary during parental leave for the 2nd parent, support for professional mobility in the form of “apartment hunters”, and a long-term transport bonus paid to each employee who can avoid coming to work in a combustion-engine vehicle. Numerous sporting events such as volleyball, soccer, cycling, etc. and regular after-work events are additional ways in which these measures help to bring teams together.

Integration, support, training and development are the leitmotiv of Urbasolar in terms of their human resources management, aiming to ensure each employee enjoys both professional and personal fulfillment.

A commitment to equality

Proud of its 96% ‘Index Egalité Pro’ rating and with 50% female membership of its Management Committee, Urbasolar is particularly attentive to notions of equality and diversity, implementing a resolutely equal gender policy in both technical and engineering fields.

Opportunities for international careers

With its large European presence, particularly given its subsidiaries in Italy and Spain, Urbasolar can offer its employees opportunities for international careers, with transfer opportunities to various group entities throughout Europe, but also in Africa and further afield, where the group has been operating for a number of years.

Team Urbasolar 2019 – Photo credit: Urbasolar