Urbasolar: No. 1 in the Large Buildings call for tenders!

With a 38% share of this market sector, or 33.8 MW, the Urbasolar group once again proved its winning performance in the CRE call for tenders.

An expert in large solar-powered buildings

Urbasolar has just been awarded 11 new projects, located in every part of mainland France. These projects cover commercial greenhouses, logistics warehouses and industrial facilities.

These results show the group’s versatility and transverse expertise in the field of solar-powered buildings, proof of the excellence of the bids it submitted to the CRE tender rounds.

With more than 5 million m2 of roof space on all types of buildings fitted with solar panels, Urbasolar has developed expertise enabling the company to address the specifics of each project and offer photovoltaic solutions suited to the requirements of each site. The proposed construction projects will benefit from the latest technology innovations initiated by the group, whether it be for eco-friendly buildings, public buildings or even for a commercial greenhouse.

An historic leader

Since the creation of these tender rounds in 2012, Urbasolar has been awarded more than 900 MW and is ranked first in the Large Buildings category, as well as in the Parking Canopies category.

Almost all of these projects have made it through to completion and these installations are now producing decarbonized electricity.

For more than 15 years, Urbasolar has been committed to creating large installations of high technical and environmental quality, in full respect of its commitments and to the great satisfaction of its commercial partners.

Urbasolar solar-powered greenhouse – Berre l’Etang (13), near Marseille Photo Credit: Urbasolar