Urbasolar is transforming a former mining dump into a solar power plant!

Located in the heart of the Cévennes National Park, north of Montpellier, La Grand’Combe solar energy plant is located in the former Grand Baume open-cut mine in the Forest of Rouvergue.

A regional project

This Thursday, September 30, Patrick MALAVIELLE, Mayor of La Grand’Combe, Sophie COUVE Communications Director at Urbasolar, Guylaine ARCHEVÊQUE, Director of the French National Forestry Agency (ONF) for Gard-Hérault and Jean RAMPON, Sub-Prefect of Alès, cut the ribbon on this special solar energy facility in the presence of the Urbasolar team and numerous guests.

In operation for two years, this plant, with an output 5 MWp and covering 7.6 hectares (divided into two zones), produces the equivalent of the electricity needs of 1,400 homes annually, or 60% of the area’s population.

The project received valuable support from the local authorities, as well as from local residents who helped finance the project through crowdfunding, contributing €400,000.

An exemplary energy transition

Located in a former mining dump, this power plant illustrates how a region can transition to new energy sources which are renewable and zero-carbon. Moving from coal mining to the production of solar energy, the project represents a continuation of this land’s traditional role in the production of energy, whilst responding to today’s environmental challenges.

The plant is nestled in the green surroundings of the Forest of Rouvergue, which is sustainably managed by the National Forestry Agency, allowing the coexistence of biodiversity, visitors, commercial activities and fire prevention.

Solar energy for a green planet!

Designed, constructed and operated by Urbasolar, La Grand’Combe solar energy plant brings together all of the group’s technical, environmental and financial know-how.

Since its creation, Urbasolar has seen strong growth by winning numerous government tenders and working daily towards the widespread roll-out of low-carbon energy sources. With a Europe-wide focus and working to overcome the technological challenges of tomorrow, Urbasolar is committed to a ten-year plan to be operating 12 GW by 2030, thereby placing it solidly as a leader in the European renewables sector.

Photo Credit : Urbasolar