Urbasolar wins the Digital Responsibility label!

The Responsible Digital Label
A true benchmark in France, the Responsible Digital label is based on a set of guidelines drawn up by the Institut du Numérique Responsable in partnership with the French Ministry for Ecological Transition, ADEME and WWF. This distinction demonstrates our Group’s commitment to a more regenerative, inclusive and ethical digital world.

In very concrete terms, this means integrating the 3 challenges of digital technology:

  • Environmental (reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and recycling and reusing terminals);
  • Social (digital accessibility);
  • And digital ethics (protection of personal data).

By obtaining the Responsible Digital label, Urbasolar is committing itself to making progress by implementing a concrete action plan comprising a number of commitments.

A demanding and transparent approach
To obtain the label, an external audit was carried out on 5 themes:

  • Governance and Strategy
  • Training
  • Transversal approaches
  • Users
  • Organisations

Finally, an independent labelling committee made up of Green IT experts awarded the label to Urbasolar after examining the auditor’s report and the commitments made to make progress over the next 3 years.

Urbasolar’s responsible digital approach
Every day, through our solar power plants, we are committed to deploying renewable energy to work towards the energy transition.

At a time when digital services account for 10% of annual electricity consumption and 2.5%* of the carbon footprint in France, and when our businesses require more and more digital tools, it seemed obvious to us to opt for more virtuous practices. We have therefore decided to commit to a voluntary responsible digital labelling scheme, the philosophy of which is fully in line with the values we stand for.

Fully committed to environmental, social and societal issues, we hope to make our own contribution to building a more sustainable society.

* : source ADEME